Updates :

  • Registration are open for Indian Math League-2017 and Indian Science League-2017
  • For detailed information contact your school External Examinations Department
  • For any Information Regarding the competition Please drop a mail to
  • The Venue of the Examination will be the school itself.
  • To make amendments such as spelling after submission but before closing date,
  • email the changes to before 15th September, 2017.
  • Provide as much details as possible for quick processing. Late submissions will not be processed.
  • Replacements/substitutions are not allowed once names are submitted.
  • The Venue of the Examination will be the school itself.
  • Registration fees will be forfeited for participants who could not or do not turn up for the competition.
  • Schools are responsible in ensuring that the submitted names are spelt correctly as these will be printed on the certificates.
  • The Venue of the Examination will be the school itself.

Mathassess Educational Services,since the time it came into being in the year 2013, has been at the forefront in conducting "Math Competition" under the title "Indian Math League", "Science Competition" under the title "Indian Science League" , in virtually all of the best or the most reputed schools in India. With the support of a robust network of educators, alumni and other professionals, we are able to reach out to students from almost each and every city in India.

Math Competition, which we hold, is renowned to have been the success-booster for the students, inculcating in them the innovative thinking in mathematical terms. Our primary goal is to expand the frontiers of the mathematical knowledge and provide for students a way to excel and reach zenith in their sphere of mathematics.

We, Mathassess Educational Services, always endeavor to make it possible for the students to overcome the barriers of mathematical reasoning through our exams. Our exam papers are developed by certified experts who have got years of experience in mathematical teachings. Our certified professionals set the papers, taking into account the expected calibre or the knowledge of the students belonging to various levels.